Happy Things

This has not been the most relaxing season for me… returning to work, Nick traveling, excessive rain.

It is easy to articulate the things that are stressing me out or making life difficult. It’s often less reflexive for me to share & meditate on everything I’m grateful for. As a practice in gratitude, I’ll be focusing on the good… the happy things!

Here’s my list of simple, sometimes silly, things that are bringing me joy right now 🙂

  • Painting Sun-catchers
    I am grateful for anything that keeps my little guy glued to a chair for 30+ minutes that isn’t a screen or some form of technology 🙂 I’ve gotten these for Josh twice this past week. He seriously loves these random little painting kits we found in the dollar section at Target (YES literally $1 per kit). They have different Disney characters and he is mesmerized and hyper-focused on it every time he does it.
  • Gratitude Lists
    I’ve begun making gratitude lists once a week (usually on Sundays) in my bullet journal. I’ll sit and write about 20-30 things I’m thankful for. This has been an amazing discipline to keep over the past couple months that has really allowed me to take notice of what brings me joy (rather than what tears me down).
  • French Press Coffee
    Somehow soooo therapeutic using my french press in the morning… not to mention, it ups the deliciousness of my brew. We have switched from Keurig to French Press and it’s a game-changer.
  • Successful night 1 of sleep training
    Hallelujah! Kai had an amazing night 1 of sleep training… do second babies tend to be easier than first babies? I know it was just one night and he is bound to have some difficulty! But I’m still riding the high of last night… let’s pray it stays this way!
  • Getting storage for all the toys in our living room
    Sometimes, when you’re living in a 2-bedroom apartment with two young children, it feels like toys take up every square inch of your space. For a while there, we had toys spilling out of literally every single room. But at last… we have found these beautiful toy chests that not only keep our living room floor clean, but ALSO totally match our beige colored furniture.


  • The Crown
    Anyone else watching this? I just finished season 1 and am in loveeeee. Not to mention, learning a ton about European (namely British) history. I have a renewed admiration for the Queen and a newfound curiosity about the royal family. This show is brilliantly done– and not to mention, thus far, Claire Foy has deservedly won best actress at every award show this year for her role as a young Queen Elizabeth.
  • Kindle Deals
    My favorite book blogger frequently posts Amazon Kindle deals, and I must say that today’s list is absolutely amazing… the best I’ve seen so far. Four of these books, I’ve been dying to read for a long time.
  • An Amazing Valentine’s Gift
    Shout out to my husband for totally upping my bath experience by getting me a bath tray for Valentine’s day. Now I can read my kindle or watch my show or have a glass of wine during my bath… this feels really over-the-top as I’m typing… but taking a bath is my go-to for R&R amidst a crazy week. No judging… thanks, hubs 🙂
  • Skirball Cultural Center
    Sometimes, I love LA. This museum is close to us, free on Thursdays, AND has a Noah’s Ark exhibit for children… we went last week and Joshua absolutely LOVED it! Even though it took him 15 minutes to calm down, stop crying and actually enter the exhibit (not sure what he was afraid of), he ended up really enjoying it. Definitely plan on going again.
  • Chubby Cheeks & Rolls
    Because my first boy didn’t have any… we are experiencing them for the first time. What a treat 🙂

What happy things are on your list this week?


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