Our Journey to Find the Best Ice Cream in LA

We did it!

This summer, Nick and I decided to try all the top dessert/ice cream places in West LA. We went to 8 different dessert places in the course of 3 months (excessive?) and have narrowed it down to our top 5.

Nick and I don’t agree on the order perfectly, but we definitely agreed on #1 & #2!

Here’s our take on the Top Ice Cream joints in West Los Angeles:

Honorable Mentions: Scoops, Blockheads Shavery, Beard Papa’s

5. Sweet Rose Creamery– all homemade, organic ice cream. Their flavors change daily. It was stowed away in a cute little pocket of Brentwood. When we got there, it was a small, friendly establishment, with plenty of outside seating and tons of families with kids everywhere (which we loved). It reminded us so much of our hometown up in the Bay Area.
price– $$$ (expensive for ice cream)
flavors we got– salted caramel, mint, & mascarpone
overall opinion- the flavors truly tasted fresh and the ice cream was very creamy. I’m not sure it was worth the price (we paid $11 for 3 scoops), but definitely worth trying.


4. Milk- macaroon ice cream sandwiches! Very unique and very delicious. You have to be careful though… some of the macaroons are a tad stale. In this case, the blueberry was a bit stale, but the mint was perfect. After we had our macaroon sandwiches, we didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of heaviness or sugar guilt. It was just right.
price- $$
flavors we got- mint chocolate chip & blueberry white chocolate

IMG_3015 IMG_3013

3. Diddy Riese- a UCLA staple at the heart of Westwood known for their very well priced ice cream sandwiches. Without question, the best bang for your buck. I have never seen the line stay within the actual store… it’s always spilling out. Shows how awesome the ice cream sandwiches are.
price- $
flavors we got- mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate chip cookies

2. Coolhaus- another place known for their ice cream sandwiches, located in the Culver City arts district. very unique flavors, such as sweet potato & candied bacon. Be sure to get the coffee oreo… it was incredible.
price– $$$
flavors we got– coffee oreo w/smore cookies and sweet potato marshy w/smore cookies.


1. Saffron & Rose- persian ice cream right in the middle of persian square. The texture was perfect (like gelato), the flavors so unique & rich, and the service was fun (I get to practice my Farsi). This place is small and also packed if you go in the evening. It’s owned by Persians, so you know you’re getting the real stuff. Nick & I both agreed, without hesitation, that this ice cream was by far the best.
price– $$
flavors we got– saffron pistachio & white rose (pictured: saffron pistachio)



Summertime Goodies: Watermelon



Who doesn’t love a refreshing summertime fruit like watermelon?

I bought ONE baby watermelon from Vons yesterday for $3.99 and voila! I made these summertime treats for me & hubby. I love summertime and I love making fresh fruit juices, just like my mom used to. I’m sure I’ll be posting a cantaloupe one soon (b/c that’s my favorite). But for now here are a couple recipes to fill your watermelon craving… or if you happen to have a watermelon lying around… you’ll know what to do with it 🙂

Watermelon sour gummies:http://meatified.com/healthy-sour-watermelon-gummies/
(I made the mistake of not using any honey/sugar… they didn’t have any sweetness. But I imagine they would’ve been wonderful if I kept the honey in there)

Watermelon Agua Frescahttp://www.larissamarks.com/2013/09/watermelon-aqua-fresca.html
I only wish I had some rum to throw into this one… would’ve made it delish 🙂